With more than ten years experience in jewellery we have decided to open our own shop in early 2018. We were buying many things in that shop and one of those things was Gold and Silver jewellery.

Back then we were selling just reasonable condition jewellery on our display and whatever was broken or personalized we were sending it to refinery.

Month after month we have seen so many beautiful and very unique jewellery pieces being sold to us as scrap because it was broken and some jewellers quoted our customer enormous prices to get them repaired so we thought why don’t we buy some basic tools, try to fix one or two pieces and see for ourselves how hard it can be.

Silver And Gold Jewellery Display, Wide Range Of New, Vintage And Custom Hand Made Jewellery In Stock!

Soon enough we realized that jewellery repairs are not necessarily expensive and difficult, we ended up building our own workshop, purchased all necessary equipment for professional jewellery repair services and back in 2019 we started offering affordable jewellery repairs, refurbishment and improved our own jewellery quality, we are very glad that we can now save most of the vintage jewellery pieces and either make its owners very happy or find a new home for previously mistreated jewellery pieces which may have been deemed as irreparable by other jewellers therefore they would have been sold to us.

So next time if you find that old ring with missing stone just contact Silver Phoenix and we will do our best to provide the best quality repair service for an unbeatable price.

We fix most broken chains and bracelets, offer ring sizing service, engraving removal, set missing stones, we can even redesign your jewellery for instance if you lost one of your favourite earrings just contact us and we may be able to make a pendant, brooch or ring from the second one.




Affordable Jewellery Repairs, Sales & Unbeatable Price Trade-Ins.

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