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The active I-CLIP RFID blocker card protects credit, bank, EC and ID cards from being read out accidentally.


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Product information “Active RFID Blocker Card”

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and means radio detection. A technical system that can be used to read data without contact. Since nowadays there are chips in almost all credit and debit cards for so-called contactless payment, you can protect yourself against unauthorized reading of sensitive data. The active RFID blocker card protects credit, bank, debit and ID cards when placed between the cards to be protected.

It just looks good and protects the top card from mechanical influences.

That sensitive data would be spied out is an old wives’ tale, does not happen in practice and is 99% just a sales argument of some “competitors”. For all those who don’t want to do without the style and many advantages of an I-CLIP, but still want “RFID protection”… We have informed you to the best of our knowledge (no crime via RFID). We’re just as happy to sell the I-CLIP “without”.

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