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The I-CLIP Silver Beach Club Sandflower is a sleek and stylish wallet with a compact design. It offers a sophisticated silver exterior with a subtle sandflower pattern, making it both fashionable and functional. With its durable construction and integrated money clip, this wallet securely holds your cards and cash while fitting comfortably in your pocket.


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EASY TO USE: Say goodbye to bulky and uncomfortable wallets. Thanks to the I-CLIP, simplicity has now become the new benchmark.
ORGANISED ACCESS TO BANKNOTES: The revolutionary high-tech clip keeps your banknotes safe and secure so that you can always access them quickly and easily.
UNIQUE PATINA: Over time, each I-CLIP develops a beautifully unique patina for even more individuality.
ULTRA-LIGHT & MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: Experience your own absolute lightness of being every day. The combination of the high-tech plastic frame and its integrated money clip make it a wallet like no other: small, light, adaptable and comfortable to carry.
PERFECT AS A GIFT: Each credit-card-holding wallet is delivered in a matching gift box.
If you consider it necessary, you can protect your credit cards from unauthorised contactless payment by ordering an RFID blocker card set from I-CLIP. However, you can also do without this function, as the risk of becoming a victim of so-called ‘skimming’ is very low.

  • cover made of vegetable tanned cowhide
  • frame and money clip made of high-tech plastic (Robutense)
  • card case holds up to 12 cards
  • money clip holds a variety of bills and receipts
  • Coin pocket offers space for up to 10 coins
  • the cover of the I-CLIP closes with a push button
  • wallet dimension: 8.8 x 6.5 x 1.6 cm
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